What is the difference between the ABCD and BraCCA?

The ABCD is unique in its concern for bilingual education and assistance to the families of Brazilian-Australia and other Portuguese-language families in Australia. It is not formally linked to BraCCA (Brazilian Community Council of Australia) but works closely with it in the area of assistance to Brazilian background families in Australia. See BraCCA’s website on [...]

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I cannot attend the playgroup sessions, how else can I be involved?

In many ways. By becoming a member you can stay in touch and receive regular updates and invitations to regular and extraordinary events such as weekend barbecues, evening workshops etc. Portuguese-language classes for children are offered in various locations. The ABCD Children’s Library has more than 1000 items for borrowings (members only). And, if you are [...]

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I’m not Brazilian, can I come to the playgroup?

The playgroup is primarily concerned with the teaching of Brazilian Portuguese-language and culture to children in an informal and social setting. If you’d like your child/children to grow up speaking Portuguese, the playgroup is a good place to start. Prior knowledge of the language is not necessary, but an interest in it will help your [...]

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Must I become a member to take part?

Membership is voluntary, however members have exclusive benefits such as free library borrowings in person and by post, quarterly newsletter subscription, discounts at paid events and notification of regular events and workshops. Membership is necessary for class students. Payable with the first term attended. To join click here

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I’d like my child to grow up bilingually. Is it enough to send them to classes or attend the playgroup on a weekly basis?

Bilingual upbringing is a lifetime commitment. Whilst your child will pick up some words and expressions by attending a regular playgroup or language class, to be truly bilingual requires an entire set of resources. These include: consistent parental/carer input, exposure to language in visual and audio means, exposure to culture as a reason for wanting [...]

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How did the ABCD and the Brazilian Playgroup start?

Karin Alfonso and Lia Timson worried that their children would grow up not fully understanding their mothers’ culture and, consequently, their cultural background. They felt that if they gathered like-minded parents to provide Portuguese-language stimuli to their children, this would allow them to learn the language, make friends with other children in the same situation and, [...]

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My child refuses to speak Portuguese to me. Can the ABCD help?

Any second language must be useful to be relevant. The ABCD can help you find ways to make the language useful to your child. Please read more about it in the Archives. Portuguese-language classes, socialising with other children who also speak the language and being able to enjoy things available exclusively in Portuguese, are some [...]

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What does the ABCD do with my money?

The ABCD is a not-for-profit organisation. It is incorporated according to the Fair Trading Act and accountable to the NSW Department of Fair Trading. It is managed by volunteer parents who donate their time and expertise in return for the cultural and educational benefits their children receive. Your membership contribution goes towards the administration of [...]

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